Apple shipping 100,000 iPod Nano's a day (!!!)

In a best effort to meet demand for its top-selling iPod nano this holiday, Apple Computer is building and shipping 100,000 of the ultra-slim digital music players each day, reliable sources tell AppleInsider.

Holy cripes. I knew they were successful, but that is huge. They sell for $199 and $249. Say they sell 75% 2 gig models, and 25% 4 gig models, that is $21 Million dollars a day in revenue.

The article also talks about the possibility in the next few months of a 1 gig Nano for $149 (which I think is a not a very smart idea) and the 512mb Shuffle for $80 (which I think is still somewhat overpriced.)

I've got a Nano all wrapped up and waiting for me under the Festivus pole. Good thing she bought it early. Interesting side note: It shipped directly from Shanghai by airmail.