Google shoots self in crotch in attempt to hurt Microsoft.

In a stunning display of utter disregard for everything that has made it a success, search engine giant Google shot itself in it's collective crotch today by buying 5% of AOL.

Over the last few years, Google has become just about the only player in town for advertising with a system of bidding on keywords that allows anyone to get top placement by outbidding the competition. Furthermore, they clearly mark advertising AS advertising. This new deal allows AOL to get PREFERRED PLACEMENT and to place ads that are NOT MARKED as ads.

I just don't get it.

AOL accounts for between 2%-4% of Google's annual advertising revenue. Google is a success because they DON'T give preference to big buyers, and because they don't pollute their search results with unmarked advertising.

Some are saying that Google has gone evil. Others are saying that Google has sold it's soul.

I think it's the first big sign that Google has gone horribly off track.