If Kelo v. City of New London applied to the internet, I'd lobby for the rights to Obituary.com

If the local city government can force you to sell your house so they can put a Casino / Walmart / Strip Club in it's place, wouldn't it be nice if that also applied to the internet?

The other night I was thinking about RSS feeds. Somehow I got onto the subject of obituaries. I started thinking "Gee, it would be pretty sweet if obituaries were RSS feeds from a centralized website that was searchable." People could just submit the obituary to the website, and newspapers could pick up the feed for the local area.

So I went an checked out Obituary.com and was pretty appalled. Amateur hour - the website just plain sucks. I could do a better job given 20 minutes to work on it, and clearly I'm no expert. They're using frames, for chrissakes!

I've been thinking the city of Moscow, Idaho should help me liberate Obituary.com so I can put a prettier more ad-laden half baked website in it's place.