It turns out that Las Vegas is cheap cheap cheap around Christmas.

I'll be passing through Las Vegas this year on my annual pilgrimage home for Festivus.

Originally, I had planned to just keep on driving. I've been burned time and time again by Lady (un)Luck. Every single time I have wanted to go there, even looking far in advance, the prices have been astronomical. I remember the time Excalibur wanted $329 a night for a room. People always tell me "Oh, that had to have been during a conference or something." Ok, sure. But this has happened to me on at least 5 occasions. I guess Vegas is a more popular destination that I thought. I guess I don't get it. For a 3 day stay at $329 a night (Plus Tax!) you would spend about $1,000. I've seen vacation deals to Hawaii for $800. Mexico even cheaper. Why on earth would you pay that much for the priviledge of gambling all your money away?

Anyhow, my plans changed a bit recently, and it turns out I may be able to go through there in the middle of the week, right before Christmas. I started looking around, most notably on Las Vegas.Com and found that there are some DIRT CHEAP rooms available. $20 a night for Stratosphere, which believe it or not, got decent reviews on Yahoo Travel.

I'm probably going to stay at Luxor for $60. I've always wanted to stay in the pyramid. While the experience will probably be underwhelming, at least I'll get to say "I dun stayed thar before it gots stoled by them dangs aliens!"

UPDATE: Get your own Festivus Pole. Very nice. In fact, here's a whole Freakin' Blog about Festivus.