One Million Monkeys Typing On One Million Typewriters...

I've been thinking about the amount of published content created per day by the human race.

To take a wild stab at this number, I'm going to narrow it down to ENGLISH content from the United States, simply because I don't have the ability to get good numbers on non-English speakers, and there is the most available data for the United States.

People: There are currently 297,875,919 people in the United States.

Types of Content:

Books: In 2004, there were 9,662 books published in the United States. Using the PISOOMA method, the average book is 300 pages long, with 150 words per page. Total yearly content = 435MM words.

Newspapers: In 2003, there were 1,456 daily newspapers and 917 Sunday papers. Again, using the PISOOMA method, the average newspaper is 40 pages long, with 600 words per page. Total yearly content = 13,902MM words.

Magazines and Journals: Using the PISOOMA method, there are 12,000 active English magazines and journals in the United States, with an average of 75 pages at 100 words per page, and 12 publications per year. Total yearly content = 1,080MM words.

Non-blog websites: PISOOMA method states that there are 500,000 active US english websites with content being regularly added at the pace of 3000 words per year each. Total yearly content = 1,500MM words.

Blog websites: Technorati indexes 23 million blogs. PISOOMA method states that there are ten times that many blogs, or 230 million blogs. 75% are spam. Of the remaining 58 million blogs, 1/3 are in English, and 1/2 of those are in the US, for a total of 9.6 million active US English blogs. From earlier research I determined there are 72 million students, so this number doesn't seem entirely unreasonable. PISOOMA method states that the average blog produces 1500 words a year. Total yearly content = 14,400MM words.

Forum websites and email lists: PISOOMA method states that there are 75,000 active english forums in the United States, with an average of 2000 posts per forum at 200 words each. Total yearly content = 30,000MM words.

Total US Content: 61,317MM words, or about 205 words per person per year in the US.

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