What is RSS and how the heck is it useful?

RSS. Atom. XML. It's enough to give you a case of Acronym Phobia.

Wikipedia has a really great page explaining the history and use of RSS. But it goes into a bit too much detail. So here is a simpler explanation.

RSS is a way to FORMAT information in a CONSISTENT manner so that it is easy to DISTRIBUTE.

Using RSS, different computers can filter and present your information to users in a huge variety of formats. For example, Gmail recently added Web Clips so you can have little links display to your preferred content. Yahoo has similar functionality in their My.Yahoo service.

The Opera Webbrowser has a built-in RSS reader, that makes RSS feeds look similar to newsgroups or emails. Firefox and IE have similar functionality (or are in the process of adding it.)

If you really want to give RSS a go, try downloading and using Opera for FREE. Once you have it installed, come back to Hearts Of The Gods and click on the orange RSS symbol on the right of the address. A new menu item will appear, labelled "FEEDS". Whenever you run Opera, it will check your subscribed RSS feeds, and let you know when there is a new post on Hearts Of The Gods.