"Up on the housetop, our sales tanked, ho ho ho goes the CEO"

Walmart, my favorite megaretailer, made the news again for a couple reasons.

First, they put a "funny song" on their phone bank in the style of "Up on the housetop" making fun of their poor holiday sales. They thought humor would be an effective way to lighten the mood. I can just visualize the look on the face of a fund manager who just took a good sized hit when they heard the song for the first time. I bet they laughed and laughed!

Second, their website linked "Planet of the Apes" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to movies with African American themes. Either they got hax0rt, or a Walmart employee in IT is a racist dumbass.

Anyhow, I'm quite impressed by their effort to alienate both investors and customers AT THE SAME TIME.