Operation "Forget about Iraq" in full force.

Have you ever wondered why politicians choose seemingly random times to start big fights over issues that won't be easily resolved.

No matter how you feel about the issues, the thought has to have crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe, someone is trying to distract the public from other issues. Like say, certain countries in the Middle East that are being occupied by the US military.

From a financial perpective, these wars have been terrible disasters. We've dumped a tremendous amount of money into Iraq and Afghanistan at a time when the government isn't even collecting enough money to pay it's own bills. Eventually, this is going to come back and bite us in the ass. If we're lucky, we'll see a long period of higher taxes and lower government services while we try to pay back the debt. If we're unlucky, we'll see the US government default on it's debt and the economies of the world suffer for decades to come.

But hey! Forget about all that. Let's talk about gay marriage and illegal immigration!