Surprise! Donald Trump is not a financial genius.

If you've ever watched his show, the thought may have crossed your mind that maybe the Donald isn't really such a brilliant guy. The media perception is that he superchamps at business. He even has his own business school!

Have you ever wondered how the Donald became so rich? I sure never did. I guess it was his repulsive behavior/lifestyle/combover. Anyhow, a few weeks ago, after seeing his sweet new signature ties at Ross, I ran across his wikipedia entry.

So it turns out that his father was the genius. Daddy got the Donald started by giving him the connections and cosigning his loans. Daddy helped bail out the Donald during his enormous bankruptcy which hurt so many investors. Daddy died with at least $250MM dollars, not counting whatever he passed on to the Donald before that.

So really, what is the difference between the Donald and Paris Hilton? Both are attention whores. Both are full of themselves. Neither are particularily smart.