"Extreme heat today" or "I'm sure glad Enron failed."

The record temperature where I live in Southern California for July 22 was set in 1887 at a very reasonable 98 degrees.

A few minutes ago, Weather Underground reported:

109.9 might seem like nothing if you live in Phoenix or Las Vegas, but it sure seems bad to me. I'm not adapted for this kind of weather - which is why I don't live in Phoenix or Vegas.

I sure am glad Enron is gone. The games the energy traders were playing that screwed up our California power system would have about killed me today. Air Conditioning has made me weak and flacid.

One other note: Turbocharged car + 108 degree weather = teh major suck. Doing a few errands this afternoon, my cars computer said that I was getting 12.5 miles per gallon. And the power just wasn't there, it felt like I was driving a Corolla.