I'm not psychic, but I'm pretty sure "Lady in the Water" will be one of the worst films ever.

M. Night Shyamalan is about ready to launch his next catastrophe: Lady in the Water. The initial previews looked odd to say the least. Opera music following along a maintenance man at an apartment building. He goes home, starts to type, and blam, there's some chick in the swimming pool. End of preview.

For a further understanding of where this is going, read this plot summary:

"A fairy tale about an apartment superintendent (Paul Giamatti) who discovers a nymph-like creature (Bryce Dallas Howard) from another dimension in the apartment's swimming pool. The genesis of the film is a fairy tale he started telling his two youngsters as a bedtime story: the young woman is actually something called a "narf," who is being terrorized by wolf-like creatures with grass instead of fur who seek to prevent her from returning to her own world. She also has unique powers of perception about the apartment tenants, whose own destinies become linked to her own."

I shit you not. Click the link. Read the preview. Wolves with grass fur from another dimension.

I can't imagine why Disney would be concerned. "Shyamalan says that when Jacobson rattled off a list of concerns she had about the movie, including his decision to give himself a meaty role and a scene in which a movie critic is mauled" So concerned, in fact, that they dropped Shyamalan and said "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!"

Rotten Tomatoes currently gives the film an astounding 11%. Favorite critic quotes from the site: ""Has M. Night Shyamalan lost his damn mind?" Sean Burns, PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY" ""Hollywood cannot pollute the ozone with anything more idiotic, contrived, amateurish or sub-mental than Lady in the Water." -- Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER" ""Its official now. The Sixth Sense was a fluke. Shyamalan pompously gives himself the role of “The Intellectual Future Christ.” " -- Victoria Alexander, FILMSINREVIEW.COM"

And did I mention that there is no twist? Seriously. This reviewer states "What’s interesting is that the movie is being sold as a horror film. While there are scary elements – the wolf can be frightening – the film is mostly charming (at least when it stops being depressed up front) and often funny. Mostly Lady in the Water is lovely, not spooky."

I can't imagine why anyone would give this jackass $70MM+ dollars to make a film. Time Warner ought to be ashamed. They had the chance to stop the mistake. They didn't have to promote it. They could have taken the film and stuffed it in an archive somewhere to be forgotten forever. They could have sent Shyamalan packing, never to work again. But oh no, they had to pollute the radio/tv/buses/billboards/previews/etc with advertising for this tripe.