Subway is better than Quizno's in almost every way.

Recently, I've spent more time than usual eating at the fanciest of eating establishments. You would be a rich man right now if you'd purchased Baraqyal Cholesterol Level futures contracts about a month ago.

Anyhow, I tend to favor sandwiches over the other options. So I've eaten at nearly every local Quizno's and Subway that I can find without effort. Here are my conclusions:

Pros - Oooh, the cheese is melted!
Cons - Slow, long lines, expensive ($10+ for large combo), nutrition information not available leading me to believe that it is just about pure fat and salt. Less available options.

Pros - Cheaper (~$8 for a large combo). Healthier. Faster. More options. Better ingredients.
Cons - The damned cheese isn't melted.