Warren Buffet, this is your life. (adjusted for inflation)

Last night, I watched a fascinating interview with Warren Buffet on the Charlie Rose Show - the first part of a three part series.

This show captured my interest in exactly how Mr. Buffet made such a dramatic rise to wealth. Wiki has a pretty good history of his money. Using the Minneapolis Fed's CPI calculator, I decided to adjust it into 2006 dollars. Be forewarned this is not altogether accurate, but it is somewhat interesting.

1944 - 14 years old. Buffet invests $13,807 in 40 acres of farmland.

1945 - 15 years old. Buffet makes $1969 monthly ($23,600 yearly) delivering papers.

1947 - 17 years old. Buffet invests $227 in a used pinball machine. Within months, they have 3 more which they later sell for $10,897 to a war veteran. By this point, he has earned over $45,403 delivering newspapers.

1949 - 19 years old. Buffet's personal savings reach $83,382.

1952 - 22 years old. Buffet marries, rents an apartment for $497 a month.

1954 - 24 years old. Benjamin Graham offers Buffet salary of $90,335 a year.

1956 - 26 years old. Buffet's personal savings grow to $1,053,903. That's right. Inflation adjusted, Buffet was a millionaire at the age of 26. His first partnership is started, with a total investment of $790,428.

1957 - 27 years old. Buffet buys his house for $227,002. Note: Housing is probably out of whack, inflation-wise. Even adjusted for inflation, I believe that house prices have been rising around 6% annually for the last 20-30 years. Some of this is caused by the current real estate bubble. Still, it shows the cash outlay - a millionaire in his 20's that buys a moderate house.

1962 - 32 years old. Buffet partnership investment of $790,428 now worth $48.72MM

1965 - 35 years old. Buffet invests $25.7MM dollars in Disney, buying 5% of the company.

1966 - 36 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $42.8MM.

1967 - 37 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $60.6MM.

1969 - 39 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $137.9MM.

1971 - 41 years old. Buffet purchases vacation home in Laguna Beach for $750,000. Again, I believe this is out of whack. I'm not sure you could purchase a tin shack in Laguna Beach today for $750,000.

1979 - 49 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $390.5MM, but Buffet lives soley on his salary of $139,462 a year.

1983 - 53 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $1.26 billion, placing him on the Fortune list of the worlds 400 wealthiest individuals.

1986 - 56 years old. Berkshire stock prices reach $5542 (for comparison, as of the writing of this post BRK-A is selling for $90,900.)

1989 - 59 years old. Buffet's net worth reaches $6.2 Billion.

2006 - 76 years old. Buffet annouces that he is giving away 80% of his personal fortune of $44 billion dollars.

As you can see, Buffet obviously is one of the most intelligent investors of all time, growing his personal fortune at an incredible rate. But what I found most interesting was the wages he was able to earn as a young teen. How many 15 year olds can today make $24k a year delivering papers? How many are able to save $84,000 on their own by the age of 19? I can understand getting paid $90k at the age of 24. That seems reasonable for a brilliant young financial mind.

It seems that the climate has changed quite a bit on many of the other factors that helped contribute to his success - especially cost of housing and cost of education. However, given his incredible brilliance, I have no doubt that Buffet could repeat his success again today.