Drudge Report must make very decent profits from advertising.

Drudgereport.com is one of the most popular news aggregators on the internet. Based on the figures he states, I guesstimated his revenues:


023,788,151 IN PAST 24 HOURS
405,369,952 IN PAST 31 DAYS
3,562,389,712 IN PAST YEAR"

Further, he had a record traffic day on November 7 (election day) of "25.1 million page views, reaching more than 2.3 million unique visitors" Based on his numbers, he is averaging 9.7MM page views per day with around 894,000 unique visitiors.

I only know a little about Google adwords, and very little about high volume sites (Hearts of the Gods is VERY low volume in comparison). We'll use, from my research, is a very conservative number if he were using google adwords - eCPM of $0.30. I've heard of eCPM's as high as $60, but those are for very targeted sites. I'd imagine his is probably even lower than $0.30, but who knows?

9.7MM / 1000 x $0.30 = $2,927.99 a day average.
$2,927.99 a day x 365 days = $1,068,716 a year.

I'd imagine the server costs are relatively cheap, too. Today, his "default.htm" was around 33k. If each page view takes 300k of bandwidth, he is using about 2,800 gigs of bandwidth per month. With a little research, it appears that this wouldn't be that expensive - even if he were paying the extremely high amount of $5 per gigabyte, it would only cost ~$167,541/year. As far as I know, drudgereport has no staff.

Net income: $1,068,716 - 167,541 = $901,175 a year for putting up links to news stories everyday. Not too shabby, huh?