Election Day: hoping for deadlock.

I'm not a Democrat, but I sure do hope they win the House tonight. It would also be nice if they lost the Senate. I'd like to see maximum Federal government deadlock. As far as I'm concerned, the less the government is able to "get done", the better it will be for our economy as a whole. Even the things that sound nice like tax cuts really only are nice when coupled evenly with spending cuts - something which neither party seems to be really capable of doing.

Instead, I'd like to see Congress burn off all their energy fighting it out with each other and the President, Monica Blewensky-style. Maybe they can investigate the face shooting Cheney, I'm sure that'd be good for a few laughs.

In more important news, Britney decided to ditch K-Fed, her worthless Vanilla Ice like husband. I don't know his music, I've never heard much about him, but I know from the media that I'm supposed to hate him - so by god I do. Here's looking forward to a few years of absolute chaos in the Federal government and an eventual appearance by teh Britster in Playboy.