Motley Fool: Giant Spam Machine

I am not a big fan of Motley Their headlines drive me absolutely batty. Check out these "gems":

  • Knock These Stocks Out of the Park
  • Read This Before the Market Crashes
  • 3 Ways to Beat the Market

    See, you just need to add "!!!!!!!!" to the end of each one and gmail will throw it right into your spam folder.

    And the hats? The hats are about enough to make me want to puke blood.

    They might have the greatest advice in the world (as far as I can tell, they don't.) But the way they push information and they way they advertise makes me downright angry. Examples:

    Punch the monkey, win a free iPod?

    Click here to claim your FREE credit report?

    Didn't this kind of crap go the way of the Dodo? Or is it 1999 all over again? Let me jump on my 28k modem and log in to my AOL account! I'll hit you up on instant messenger! Oh no, someone sent me up the blue screen of death! Now my Windows 98 won't load right!