The power of advertising: Baraqyal buys malt liquor.

Yesterday at the grocery store, I saw a display of Bartles and Jaymes - a life sized cardboard cutout of good old Bartles and Jaymes. If you don't remember these two, they appeared in a bunch of rather strange ads between 1985 and 1991, ending each ad with "Thank you for your support."

Last night, 16 years after the end of their advertising run, I purchased a four pack of the "margarita" flavor malt liquor. On the side of the bottle, it says "Flavored Beer." This is insulting to both the word beer and the word flavor. It's tastes vaguely like a margarita - and I mean VAGUELY. At 4% liquor per 12 ounces, it sure doesn't do much for you. This is only 0.48 ounces of alcohol - vs a 1.5 ounce shot of 80 proof vodka = 0.60 ounces liquor.

If you're old enough to remember these ads, hopefully you're also old enough to remember how badly these drinks taste. Don't fall for the same foolishness that got me and my $3.00.