Studying in China: A few schools I'm considering

I just wanted to put together my research so far into Chinese Universities. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone else. If you're really looking into it, I'd suggest you start at, which is where I've gotten much of my research.


The city of Haikou in Hainan province has two Universities. Hainan University, which costs 13,200 RMB for a year of study and Hainan Normal University, which costs $1400.


  • Tropical climate, similar to Hawaii
  • Small population relative to other Chinese cities (830,192)
  • Cheap housing - apartments can apparently be found for as little as 300 RMB a month

  • The people mostly speak Hainanese instead of Mandarin
  • Food is more expensive than other small Chinese cities
  • The Universities are supposedly not that great.


    The city of Dalian in the province of Liaoning has two Univeristies to look at: Dalian University and Lioning Normal University (which apparently has a partnership with Missouri State).

  • Midsized city, population of 6.2 million
  • Supposedly much lower polution than typical for Chinese cities
  • Major port city near the Ocean, climate is similar to Beijing
  • Few foreigners
  • Schools are supposedly higher quality
  • Not too far from Beijing

  • Crowded city life
  • Housing is more expensive than other small cities
  • Lack of bicycles(? I find this hard to believe, but there you have it.)


    The city of Changchun in province of Jilin has one major university worth looking at: Jiling University, which costs 16,000 RMB per year.

  • Largest university in China with over 80,000 students
  • Midsized city, "metropolitan area has a population of 6.83 million and a population of 2.78 million in its city proper." (wiki)
  • National University
  • Not too expensive housing - as low as 500-800 RMB a month for a moderate apartment.

  • COLD. Down to -20C in the winter.
  • Mandarin has a slight accent deviation from standard.
  • Pollution


    The city of Beijing is the capital of China. It has many universities, a large foreign population, and is comparable to any major world city. A couple universities I'm looking at are Beijing Normal University (22,400 RMB for a year) and Beijing Language and Culture University (which costs 23,200 RMB for a year).

  • Site of the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Lots of things to see and do beyond school
  • Large population of foreign nationals
  • Many universities to attend
  • Moderate climate

  • One of the most expensive cities on earth - relative to income of the population. A moderate apartment will run at least 1700 RMB a month, and more likely 2000-2500 RMB per month. Food is also expensive.
  • Population: Metropolitan of 7.5 million, Municipality 14.9 million. Crowded!
  • Pollution
  • Crime - lots of professional thieves and scam artists